Rates for Transcription

We have various Rates for Transcription

  • Audio Quality:

    IF audio quality is bad like background noise, this will take extra time for the transcriptionist to transcribe. For occasion if an 1 hour “A” Grade audio takes 3 hours to transcribe then a ”B” grade audio takes roughly 4 to 6 hours to transcribe. Although we have diverse Rate’s for ”B” grade audio we can’t be able to offer 99% accuracy guarantee for complex audio as they may have more unclear sections.

  • Accent:

    Our transcriptionist are recognizable with USA and UK pronunciation if we receive any audio with special accent ,will take more time for our transcribers to transcribe as a result The audio will be measured as complex audio and you will be billed Difficult Audio Transcription cost.

  • Impacts:

    If an audio has above one narrator, the transcriber should recognize and put their names when they speaks which utilize time. while there are 3 speakers and more which apparently take more stage to transcribe, So the Transcription cost increases as long as the speakers increased in an audio.

You can calculate your Transcription cost via our rate Calculator or call us to get exact transcription rate for your project needs. Call us at: (24 Hour / 7 service & support ).

Our Quality team will evaluate your audio and quote the accurate transcription rate for your Video or audio files .

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We offer new customer discount according to their project size. Call us:1 -(800) 217-6240(24 Hour / 7 Day) to know more about our new customer discount.

We offer five to ten minutes of trial transcription for you to go through our quality of work. All of our transcription services come along with 100%* money back guarantee.

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