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  1. who Need a Transcriptions services?
    Anyone who has a recorded audio or video that needs formal transcription is the ideal client for Quick transcriptions. Quick transcriptions answer the needs of the media community, legal community, academic community and technology-based community with a quick TAT and an affordable cost and simple rate chart.
  2. Is my material kept confidential?
    We are happy to sign any NDA (nondisclosure agreements) that are necessary. We know the sensitivity of your recorded materials whether you mark it as “private”. Our transcribers are Signed a NDA with us in order to ensure that your Materials is kept private. While transfer, the only person can access your information is the account holder (you), unless you permit Quick transcriptions to reopen your work for any changes or reform that you may need.
  3. How does Quick transcriptions billing process work?
    You are billed per audio minute (not per line or per time spent transcribing your product). This let you, the customer, to know accurately what will be the spending before you upload your dictation. We will consider a discount pricing for exceptionally large jobs or jobs that are ready to be repeat business. We want , the customer, to be happy and for that reason we would slightly charge you less, do it more quickly, get it done, have you be happy and then we can reduce the large overhead charges You, the customer, are our very best resource of word-of-mouth publicity and we would rather have that than your money!!!
  4. What is meant by difficult audio quality?
    Difficult audio is audio that is tough to transcribe. Some reason that might make audio difficult include: noise (foreground, background, etc.), many speakers, speakers talking over each other, specialized terminology (including scientific ,technical, legal, and medical), muted or quiet recordings, talking speedy, and different accents. If more than one of this distinctiveness is present in your audio file, it most likely is difficult audio. This is not an inclusive list but covers most cases.
    Recordings in public places (restaurants, cafes, malls, etc) are not quite always difficult audio. Focus groups and Tele Phone calls are frequently difficult audio quality.
    We will get your transcript back to you as quick as possible, but we don’t commit guaranteed turnaround. It all depends on just how though the audio is - most of the time it gets done close to the deadline.
    If we can't transcribe the audio quality we will notify you and refund your order less our costs up to that point. Occasionally it costs us more than you paid, so in some case there will be no refund. You can also get a partial transcript as an alternative of getting a refund.
  5. How will I receive my completed dictation?
    As soon as your dictation is ready, we will notify you by e-mail that it is complete and send you a "thumbnail" of your actual dictation. This will contain a very small segment of your dictation, to make sure that you are reverting back the work that you have sent to us. Beside with this thumbnail will be information on how to send payment (an easy manner as little as five minutes right on your PC using the safety of PayPal). Upon receipt of payment, we will straight away send you an email contain payment receipt from QT’s and your transcript. You can download your file and print it at your leisure.
  6. Do you transcribe verbatim?
    Yes. Our standard transcription product is non-verbatim, i.e., we clean up the language, omitting “um,” “er,” “uh,” etc.; filler words and phrases such as “I mean,” “you know,” “like,” etc. (legitimate uses of such words are left in), false starts and redundancies (unless spoken with that intent). Quotations are an exception, they are transcribed verbatim.
    We also may leave out conjunctions that are used to begin a sentence, e.g., “And,” “So,” “But,” etc., as they usually tend to be a distraction in written language.
    You may request a certain level of verbatim, by leaving special instruction in the notes box, e.g., “Please remove ‘ums,’ ‘ers,’ etc., but retain filler words such as ‘gonna,’ ‘kinda,’ ‘like,’ as we want to retain the speakers’ character/jargon.”
  7. What file type’s audio files do you accept?
    We deal with MPEG, MP3, WAV, MP4, and most WMV/WMA files at this time. We normally can handle other audio and video types but your request might take longer to process (including 1-5 days). See the next question for how to convert other file types into MP3 format.
    The exclusion to the streaming policy are videos hosted on Vimeo, YouTube, Google videos and a few other very common video streaming websites. We convert the online video to MP3 and transcribe it as we would any other audio file.
  8. What kinds of notifications will I receive?
    We always email you. We rather to use the email supplied with the audio file, but under certain situation we use the email connected with your payment method (i.e., PayPal or Google Checkout). Be informed as well that sometimes email does not make it through to your mail server successfully. It might get marked as spam by your mail server.
  9. What are your customer support hours?
    We operate customer support from 8 Am to 7 Pm. Monday through Saturday, U.S. Eastern Time. Sunday we only provide email support.
    We do respond every email on the weekends. We check our email to make sure there is nothing time-important (e.g., someone did not receive their one-day transcription on Friday). We Quick Transcriptions with limited resources On Week end, we do offer phone support. We try to have responsive email support and have a goal of responding to all requests within 1 business day.
  10. What other languages does Quick Transcriptions transcribe?
    At this time, we only transcribe English, French, Spanish, German it’s depending on the project size, if the client request for other languages Please Call our Customer Service @ 1 -(800) 217-6240.

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