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We do audio typing, not in a particular field, say medical, legal, cine production, Market research, engineering, etc. This way we possess a good understanding of your industry's terminology, abbreviations, conventions and acronyms.

However, there are a number of factors that can affect the accuracy of the returned work and turnaround times, with the biggest influence being audio quality. Crisp and clear quality is always preferred and is easiest to work with. Poor audio quality that is possibly heavy with accents and where there is a lot of background noise will take longer.

Audio typing is done by humans, and offers a higher level of accuracy than their automated counterparts. In adding together, Final transcripts will usually pass through several layers of proofreading and Quality checks for accuracy.

The audio typing typically work with include digital voice files, cassettes, videos, DVD's, telephone dictation, conference calls and mini DVD's.

Audio Typing Services Benefits

Audio typing services are a cost-effective option to fulfill your needs. We offer you full-time support but only when your need arise, so you don't have to pay out employee costs. We do Quick and affordable service to our clients.

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