Our Typists

At Quick Transcriptions we take additional care with your project to get it accurate. We assure our work to be accurate and timely.

Typing work we do include's:

  • Preserving letters , diaries or journals, Family history. By place these documents in electronic format these can be saved from damage. They can also be distributed to your family as a printed booklet, documents on online or CD-ROM.
  • Type your list of recipes, addresses or contacts. We can Make a cookbook, a sort able address list or a mailing list for you. Let us set up the excel sheet or database so that you can manage easily and attach to your information in the future referance. In a Excel sheet your data can be sorted easily or calculated.

Rates: Typing and Data Entry Services

Our rate for typing is $25 per hour. The rate will differ based on the word count and formatting of your file, but this works out to between $2.15 and $3.15 for a Regular double-spaced page. Please send us a copy or a trial of your document so that we can give an estimate for your specific job. We would be happy to do a small portion"Trial" of the project as a sample of our work.

About Quick Transcriptions Typing and Transcription Services Quick Transcriptions is a supportive business. Its associates have worked together on transcription ,typing and data entry projects since it's started.

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