Audio Translations

If there is several Type script on a video, it is too important to use a unusual style of speaking per individual to make the video and the characters sound worthy of note and authentic. Our translators are well-known with these variation and can apply different technique to each character if ask for.

Translation should be process straight from a video with no further transcribing the content, or we can transcribe the content, create a script and then carry on translating it.

Proper translation Example:
English Translated Spanish Text
Translation is taking the meaning of something in one language and putting it in another language... English to French, Latin to German, Swahili to Finnish. La traduccion se toma el significado de algo en un idioma y ponerlo en otro idioma... Ingles al frances, latin al aleman, swahili al finlandes.

we do Audio translations:
  • Audio books
  • Telephone systems
  • All Videos subjects
  • Websites URL
  • MS Office PowerPoint Presentations

And other types of audio script to translate your Video, Audio and audio books Click here to upload

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