Transcription and Translation

You never need to send us a written document. We are able to take videos, audios, phone conversations and have our expert transcribers carefully organize them. They are aware of the needs of the translator and give them the best format available to complete their task.

We go through following steps involved in Transcription with Translation Services

  • Step 1 : The video or audio file is being transcribed; Our specialized transcribers are handled this process. These transcribers are resident speaker of that language. This process helps to deliver the file with outstanding impression in illustrate to the original file.
  • Step 2 : The transcribed document is translated to the particular language by our translating professionals. Going through above process the final transcript is passed with 100% precision.

This is a easy process where Transcription and Translation are done in Quick way.

Advantage of having Transcription and Translation done under one crown

  • Easy and comfortable
  • Effective price
  • saving Time
  • Ultimate support guarrenteed
  • exceptional output

So always choose the most suitable and efficient method and saving your valuable time by getting it done Translation and Transcription with Quick Transcriptions.

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