Business Transcriptions

Quick Transcriptions provide a specialized and prompt Transcription Service. Based on the recording, skilled transcribers will be allotted. Quick Transcriptions can process major file audio and video files like audio file, mp3, m4a, mid, wav ,mpeg, rm audio file, etc for Audio Transcriptions.

we suggest video taping your panel discussion for best quality.

  • 1.Conference Call
  • 2.Business Meeting.
  • 3.Telephone.
  • 4.Group Discussion.

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At Quick Transcriptions, audio transcription procedure required different levels before the final audio transcript document is send to our clients. Audio is transcribed by a experienced transcriptionist and then by an editor proofread for exactness and perfection.

  • Quick Transcriptions can offer a high quality text conversion for
  • Group Discussions Transcriptions,
  • Conference Transcriptions,
  • Interview Transcriptions,
  • Digital Transcriptions,
  • Lecture Transcriptions,
  • Video transcription and many more Transcriptions.

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