Reality Tv Transcription

Throughout transcription we will attempt to constantly detect each person speaking and will put in brief descriptions of what is going on. The descriptions are general, to give the reader of the transcript an idea of what is happening but should not be considered "B-Roll" classification. the sample transcripts follows. We do not provide B-Roll classification services. immaterial voice such as the team member talking about technical issues in video production will not be transcribed (i.e. 'Move that block over here.' or 'Okay, let see if we can get the air conditioner turned off.

If the video recording is a mix of 'reality' footage and 'on-the-move' interviews and you either want the whole thing transcribed or don't know where in the recordings the discussion are located, that tape will be billed at the Reality Footage rates.

Time coding is available ,that may billed separately if your materials are submitted with a sensible time code window burn. We add a time code reference every 20 seconds into your transcriptions.

We offer transcription for all kinds of Reality Tv Transcription transcription including

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