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One-on-One Interview scribing Services A One-on-One interview is the one interviewing another (e.g. a sit-down interview). The interviewee's answers are transcribed in verbatim. The interviewer's questions are paraphrased for clear audio. We are offering two types of verbatim transcripts for One-on-One Interviews.

  • Clean Verbatim - the matter of the interviewee's replies are verbatim, but we omit the non-verbal utterance like as'uhm..' 'uh..' and ', 'double- doubled' words and 'stutters'. True Verbatim - the 'uhms and uhs', 'stu-stutters' and other non-verbal exclamations of the interviewee are transcribed.
  • True Verbatim - the 'uhs and uhms', 'stu-stutters' and further non-verbal utterances of the interviewee are transcribed.

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