Seminar Transcriptions

There are two indispensable types of seminars, Multi -Speaker Seminar and Single -Speaker Seminars:Examples of Multi-Speaker Seminars:

  • A host announces two or more speakers who then give a joint presentation.
  • A board of speakers talk and take interrogation from an audience.
  • A host moderates a board of speakers.
  • Samples of Single-Speaker Seminar:
    A host announces the speaker, the speaker gives a talk followed by a Questions&Answers session with the audience.A host announces a speaker, that speaker conclutions and lectures, a different speaker then concludes and lectures, the host returns and squashing up the session.

We highly suggest that you conduct Multi-Speakers Seminar on a digital video and submit a DVD or digital video file for transcriptions. This will greatly boost the quality of the transcript. With a video source, the transcriptionist can spot who is speaking and properly recognize them in the final transcript.

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