Audio Cassette Tape to CD

Cassette Tapes into CD

We convert all of your cassette tape to CD in-house, and can do most jobs in a week. While you’re in rush, call us at 1 -(800) 217-6240. We won't charge you with rush TAT rates, but we will surprise you with the best quality service that meets your time limit. Whether you need to conversion of just one tape, or a hundred we can offer you with transfers you will be pleased.

Copy Audio Cassette Tapes to CD or MP3

We can convert your audio tapes to digital MP3 or CD - this gives advantages to access the recordings and more significantly preserves the audio tape content!

Is your recordings lost forever?

Audio Tapes have a lifetime of 8 to 14 years - once this the recordings will degrade and could be vanished forever! Call us today and keep your recordings forever!

How to Order - MP3 Conversions / Cassette to CD

Ordering is simple, just email us with an overview of number of tapes you have and we can come back to you with a few options. We will call you and confirm once confirming through mail will send you the shipping details. is simply write us at email or call us on :1 -(800) 217-6240

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