Mini Cassette Tape to CD

Best quality equipment (mainly professional decks, most suitable styluses, etc) crackle, clicks, hiss, pop, and background noise significantly eliminated or removed We do transfer crash free Audio tracks will be separated Playback speed will be corrected Digital noise diminution where applicable Take away long empty audio tracks from the recording

If you have more recorded audios, we can still able to create 30 hours Audio DVDs with great quality audio. These can be played on common DVD, CD players. We can also convert the audio to PC files such as .WMA, .WAV or .MP3 files.

We create extreme quality CDs from

  • microcassettes to CD
  • 1/4" reel to CD reel to reel
  • cassettes to CD
  • minidiscs to CD
  • DAT to CD - DAT tapes
  • ADAT to CD - ADAT tapes
  • other formats on request

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