To view your VHS tapes you have no system or way due to evolving video technologies, no worries; Quick Transcriptions helps you in finding a way to view your VHS tapes. Instead of losing the videos you have recorded using tapes, transfer the video file contents to the CD.

By converting VHS to CD you can take advantage in several ways.

  • User friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Great storage option
  • It can be edited anytime
  • Exceptional source to depend on

VHS to CD conversion through QT's gives you the best of everything. Quick Transcriptions provides more services like

and many more.

Special offers

We offer new customer discount according to their project size. Call us:1 -(800) 217-6240(24 Hour / 7 Day) to know more about our new customer discount.

We offer five to ten minutes of trial transcription for you to go through our quality of work. All of our transcription services come along with 100%* money back guarantee.